GRAB BAG is a web comic that updates on a weekly basis. Every Wednesday, to be precise! GRAB BAG doesn’t have a plot or main character. Each comic is individual. Some GRAB BAG comics are long and some are short. Some comics are extremely immature, some are very dry and some are designed to make you smile. In essence, GRAB BAG is literally a grab bag of comic strips. A Mystery box. You never know what you’re going to get!


Grab Bag

Jun 21, 2017Teaching a Lesson
Jun 14, 2017Head and Shoulders
Jun 07, 2017Watching Netflix
May 24, 2017Vasectomy
May 17, 2017Dying Words
May 10, 2017Richard
May 03, 2017Bark
Apr 26, 2017Cry For Help
Apr 05, 2017Caves
Mar 22, 2017Onion Discovery
Mar 15, 2017Truth
Mar 08, 2017Pirates 2
Mar 02, 2017Real Fears
Feb 22, 2017Uncle Story
Feb 15, 2017Advanced Robot
Feb 08, 2017IT Professional
Feb 01, 2017Slaying a Dragon
Jan 18, 2017Iron
Jan 11, 2017Words
Jan 04, 2017Kicking the Bucket
Dec 28, 2016Alien Observation
Dec 21, 2016Traps
Dec 14, 2016Fish in the Sea
Dec 07, 2016Perfect Date Night
Nov 30, 2016Braces
Nov 23, 2016Really Big Book
Nov 16, 2016Pirates
Nov 09, 2016Care Package
Oct 19, 2016Surveys
Oct 12, 2016Bad Sign
Oct 05, 2016Sad Movie
Sep 28, 2016Shrink Ray
Sep 14, 2016Life
Sep 07, 2016Mosquitoes
Aug 31, 2016Wicked Burn
Aug 24, 2016True Love
Aug 17, 2016Treasure Map
Aug 10, 2016Trust
Jul 27, 2016Clowning Around
Jul 20, 2016Really Important
Jul 13, 2016The Mall
Jun 29, 2016Trolls
Jun 22, 2016Corn Hole
Jun 15, 2016Grouchy
Jun 08, 2016Dinosaur Joke
Jun 01, 2016Getting Directions
May 11, 2016Haircut
May 04, 2016Telekinesis
Apr 27, 2016Nuts
Apr 20, 2016Impressive
Apr 13, 2016Expectations
Apr 06, 2016The Last Straw
Mar 27, 2016Easter Bunny
Mar 23, 2016Little People
Mar 16, 2016French Assassin
Mar 14, 2016Megaton Punch
Mar 09, 2016Illegitimate Child
Mar 04, 2016Types of Advice
Mar 02, 2016Compliments